The Fastest Way to Lose Excess Weight: Expert Reveals Liver-Focused Approach

2023-06-04 00:49:43

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Ammar Al-Ammar revealed the fastest way to lose excess weight.

Al-Ammar said in a video clip: “I recommend creating a suitable atmosphere for the liver to control weight loss, because the body stores fat in the form of solid fat, and in order to lose it, it converts it into liquid acidic fats, then it is transferred to the liver to break it down by 84% as carbon dioxide that is excreted through breathing, and 16 % as water excreted through the urine.

He added: Wind the liver at night by refraining from eating immediately before bedtime, and when you wake up from sleep, you must delay your meal by 3 hours.

And he continued: “Do not reduce food in the event of weight loss, but change the type of food in order to lose obesity forever.”

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