The first song of his new album .. Muslim presents “Heart in the Notebooks”

It is a dramatic, sad song that expresses the end of a love story that was full of treachery and deceit. This song is the first part of a short movie that will be followed by a second part of a song in the album that will be a surprise presented by Muslim during the coming period

The song “Heart in the Notebooks”, written and composed by Muslim Music distribution and sound engineering by Islam Al-Azraq and directed by Islam Hisham.

Her words say:

A heart in the notebooks received poetry talking regarding us, remember
The days when we used to dream of staying under the shade of a cover
Say what we have in the days and our words became lukewarm
I can’t find anyone else, even in the distance, I flirt
At the end of the road, I found nothing but melodic and sad
Crying dried up from my patience over the years
Believe who told you that some love is a religion
Crying dried up, nothing left in my eyes
Strange your lover even when you are not here
I’m still left with what we showed, our pictures are still telling us
The streets were bored at all nights
My heart is in love with you, and our Lord bears witness to me

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