the future is a transparent hydrogen car

Alpine Alpenglow embodies the strategy of Alpine As a manufacturer of sports and road cars, committed to sustainable development.

This concept-car is the mother of all future Alpines due to its design, technology and innovations, respecting the history of the brand. Announces new sustainable solutions, including the use of hydrogen.

The hydrogen engine practically only emits water vapor during its combustion. Water thus becomes a key element in Alpenglow’s design.

They are bodywork The exterior is reminiscent of a wingsuit, used in the most extreme mountain sport. Two triangles intersect, creating a tapered shape for exceptional sensations.

Alpine Alpenglow
Alpine Alpenglow

Alpenglow is the name referring to luminous phenomenon in which a horizontal line de red-tinged light appears in the mountains beforesunrise and following sunset, thus expressing the mission of this concept car: to celebrate the moment in which the revolutionary forms and technologies of the future are revealed.

A single-seater in which the driver is in a central position, attached to the passenger compartment and surrounded by the two hydrogen tanks. Alpenglow’s passenger compartment takes the form of a transparent and bluish hull that allows a glimpse of the driver’s silhouette.

Transparent backlit shift paddles reinforce the feeling of lightness in a stylish interior, dwhere only the experience on board counts. The lower part of the steering wheel also has two selectors with various integrated functions that are directly reminiscent of Formula 1 steering wheels. They allow the concept car to have various settings, such as “track control” or regenerative braking.

Alpine Alpenglow
Alpine Alpenglow

The steering wheel also features an overtaking button for more power. To start the vehicle, the driver has a prism-shaped key that is inserted into the steering wheel. This key completes the central pyramid, which lights up when you start the car and brings the vehicle to life.

A red guide line, which acts as the driver’s axis, crosses the entire length of the car. Alpenglow’s light signature evolves to evoke a new aesthetic. in the front, a rain of stars is symbolized by luminous triangles that emerge from the four headlights, recalling the emblematic Alpine signature. The overall effect is a dynamic body movement.

At the rear, bluish lights foreshadow the use of hydrogen as a pure fuel. The wheels, with their transparent rims reminiscent of snowflakes, they also evoke the Alpine identity.

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The rear spoiler of this concept-car stands out for its total transparency, which conceals its presence and functionality. It is mobile, which allows it to reduce aerodynamic drag and generate more downforce.

Alpine Alpenglow
Alpine Alpenglow

Recycled materials from the Alpine Alpenglow

With a length of more than 5 meters, a width of more than 2 meters and a height of less than 1 meter, this concept car has the proportions of a dream car. And to answer the challenges of sustainable developmentrecycled carbon has also been used in the design of this concept car.

Inside, the driver finds an enveloping cabin and a world inspired by motorsport. Numerous transparent parts reveal the technology that makes up this vehicle. Black mechanical components, such as the suspension and steering column, are visible and highlighted.

The pedals, steering wheel paddles, hydrogen-encapsulating triangles, spoiler and part of the engine hood are transparent, revealing a highly technical world previously inaccessible to fans.

Its next generation of models will make up the “Dream Garage” with three exclusive and innovative cars, all of them 100% electric: a sporty compact (segment B), a GT crossover (segment C), and a replacement for the A110.

The Alpenglow light signature is part of the design codes that will inspire the brand’s future models. Both at the front and at the rear.

Alpine Alpenglow
Alpine Alpenglow

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