The Future of Joshua Kimmich at FC Bayern: Rumors Debunked, Rumors Addressed, and What’s Next

2023-12-23 07:13:00

In the last few weeks there has been no end to speculation about Joshua Kimmich’s future at FC Bayern. Among other things, there was speculation about a farewell to Munich, and rumors had also arisen about the national player turning around as an advisor. Maybe to prepare for a transfer? Probably not, says the “Münchner Abendzeitung.”

Joshua Kimmich and FC Bayern: It has been a very fruitful relationship for eight and a half years with numerous successes, including the 2021 Champions League title and victory in addition to the now obligatory championships every year and a total of three DFB Cup victories at the Club World Cup.

But Kimmich will be 29 years old in February 2024, and his working paper ends in the summer of 2025, so rumors have recently arisen that the national player could possibly sign a final major contract elsewhere. Manchester City and FC Barcelona were traded. Could these top clubs be interested in the midfielder?

In any case, “Bild” reported that Kimmich, who has always represented himself in negotiations, was looking for an advisor.

FC Bayern: Kimmich wants to stay in Munich

Apparently, various agencies have already positioned themselves to help Kimmich with a possible transfer abroad.

But like the “Münchner Abendzeitung” there is no truth to the speculation. The reason: Kimmich simply doesn’t (still) need an agent because he sees his future at FC Bayern and in Munich. He recently moved into a new house there with his wife Lina and their now four children.

In short: Kimmich apparently wants to continue to assert himself with the German football record champions.

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So should negotiations come up soon, which will inevitably follow the usual course of events in the football business due to Kimmich’s contract expiring in a year and a half, the 28-year-old will most likely be alone at the table with the Bayern bosses again.

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