“The Game Kitchen’s Blasphemous 2 Release Date in Jeopardy Due to Hollow Knight Silksong Delay”

2023-05-12 19:03:35

Lead Level Designer The Game Kitchen joked on twitter, which might publicly demonstrate what a game development panic attack looks like. He illustrated the tweet with a release delay message Hollow Knight Silksong and the estimated release date of another metroidvania, Blasphemous 2.
The Game Kitchen is set to release a sequel to its successful platform action game Blasphemous at the end of the summer. And now, following the postponement of Silksong, the release date of one of the most anticipated games is getting dangerously close.
Enrique Colina explainedthat it’s not even regarding sales: the imminent release of Silksong will dwarf any Blasphemous 2 media and social media campaigns. With the same problems faced original Blasphemous: the developers were concerned regarding the release Bloodstained. But there were three months between the premieres, and everything went smoothly.

Koline called Hollow Knight Silksong “an unbeatable product”. In addition, both games are in the same genre, moreover, they are both sequels to successful projects. It can be expected that The Game Kitchen will not announce the exact release date of Blasphemous 2 until the creators of Silksong decide on it.

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