The Geminid meteor shower peaks next week on the night of the 14th (Wednesday) 40 to 45 meteors appear in an hour – Weather News

2022/12/07 10:36 Weather news

Due to the large number of shooting stars that appear, the Geminid meteor shower is considered one of the “three major meteor showers” along with the Quadrantid meteor shower in January and the Perseid meteor shower in August.

This year, the activity is expected to peak around 22:00 on Wednesday, December 14th.

40-45 flow per hour


December 14th (Wednesday) around 21:00 Higashi no Sora (Tokyo)

What are the characteristics of the Geminid meteor shower?


What is the weather like on that day?


Geminid meteor shower Dec. 14 night – Dec. 15 dawn

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