The geranium of the year 2024 is Lavina (Sunrise Series)


Published March 21, 2024

This year’s geranium has been chosen!

And the winner is a lavender pink favorite that thrives on the windowsill as well as on the terrace.

Congratulations Lavina!

Since 2007, Blomsterfrämjandet has appointed the geranium of the year to draw attention to the diversity of the geranium genus.

And this year’s lucky winner was thus Pelargonium x Gardens Sunrise-Serien ‘Lavina’.

Lavina has dense inflorescences in violet and lime green foliage. Because it has a wide growth habit, it is perfect to have alone in a pot or ampel. It can also be planted together with other summer flowers and leafy plants and it thrives just as well in the kitchen window as outdoors.

In other words, you can plant it in the flower bed, the flower box, the pot on the kitchen table or the group on the stairs. But keep it indoors or in a frost-free, bright place until the weather is mild and the nights are frost-free.

– ´Lavina´ has a beautiful color spectrum that can be combined with many other of the summer’s popular tones. From blue purple and pink to lavender and white, says the Blompster promotion jury in a press release.

The jury also says that this is a completely new color for zonal pelargoniums and that “the lavender pink flower with a light center can make any heart melt!”

This year’s geranium thrives just as well on the window sill as in the flower bed or pot outdoors. Photo: Hanna Wendelbo/BlomsterfrämjandetLavina’ creates a purple-pink sea of ​​flowers. Photo: Blomsterfrämjandet/Annika Christensen

Care advice for geraniums

  • When you get your geraniums home, they may need to be replanted. Choose a pot or flower box with substantial volume and good soil.
  • Geraniums develop best when they receive plenty of nutrition. The simplest is to water with a weak nutrient solution at each watering.
  • Water regularly, but always let the soil dry up slightly between waterings. It is best to water the geraniums in the morning so that they have time to dry up during the day.
  • Geraniums love light and want to be light and airy. If you do a joint planting of several geraniums or plant geraniums together with other plants – remember not to plant the plants too closely.
  • Be diligent in pinching off wilted flowers, preferably before they set seed.
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Source: Flower promotion


Geranium of the year – all winners

2024 – Sunrise-serien ‘Lavina’
2023 – Moonlight `Guido`
2022 – Calliope L `Soft Coral`
2021- Zonal pelargonium ‘Astrid’
2020 – Zonalpelargon Tango Deep Rose with Eye
2019 – Brocade ’Salmon Night’ och ’Cherry Night`
2018 – Zonalpelargon ’Picotee Pink’
2017 – Rosebud geranium ‘Crown Princess Mary’
2016 – Calliope Landscape Series ‘Pink’ (time Caliente Pink)
2015 – Moonlight ‘Violin’
2014 – Moonlight ’Katy’
2013 – ’Velvet Red’
2012 – ’First Yellow’
2011 – ’Queen of Wien’
2010 – Eggshell geranium
2009 – Decorative geranium
2008 – Tulip geranium
2007 – Star geranium

The 2024 jury consisted of Patrik Vilsmyr from Mäster Grön as a representative of the 1930s gardeners in Skåne, Björn Höjrup, representative of the breeders, Jonas Samuelsson, Rönne Trädgård as a representative of the Swedish growers association LRF Trädgård and Lotta Ahlvar, a trend analyst with extensive experience in fashion – and the interior design industry.

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