“The Health Benefits of Songhwa Flower and Matsutake Powder: Ancient Foods for Immortality and Beauty”

2023-05-08 23:45:00

Songhwa flower language ‘immortality’, ‘unchanging love’
Matsutake powder, a precious food ingredient since ancient times
Effects such as fatty liver treatment, anti-aging, and skin beauty

The yellow ‘Songhwa’ hanging under the new shoot. Photographs by reporters from the Inn.

Songhwa is a flower that blooms on pine trees. The flower language is ‘unchanging love’ and ‘immortality’. Unlike flowers that use insects, they are wind-pollinated. Pine pollen refers to pollen from pine trees in spring.

Pine trees try to pollinate by wind in large amounts of pollen. Magnified pine pollen consists of two large air sacs. Due to this structure, it can fly well in the wind. The form is yellow, light green, and fine powder. Male pollen is mainly yellow on the lower part of the shoot, and female flowers are on the top of the shoot for cross-pollination.

The appearance of the ‘pine flower’ before it blooms. Photographs by reporters from the Inn.

After collecting pine flower powder and precipitating it in water to remove resin and poison, it can be mixed and eaten when making dasik or noodles. It is popular because of its fragrant and sweet pine scent. Since ancient times, pine flower powder has been used a lot when making dasik. In particular, it was mainly used during ancestral rites and autumn visits to graves.

When making dasik, mix pine flower powder and honey into dough, stamp the shape on a dasik board, and harden it before eating. Songhwadasik is famous as a court food, and is sometimes mixed with alcohol or noodles. In addition, pine pollen powder is taken as tea with honey or kneaded with honey and hardened to eat. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons to milk, yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, juice, food, or sikhye.

Songhwa female flowers are at the end of yellow male flowers. Photographs by reporters from the Inn.

▲ Efficacy of Matsutake Powder

It is good for high blood pressure, dementia, and anemia. As it contains calcium and vitamin BE, it helps to expand blood vessels and is beneficial to blood circulation, so it prevents arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure, treats anemia caused by poor blood circulation, prevents dementia, and promotes insulin secretion, which is good for diabetes. good night.

Matsutake powder is good for fatty liver treatment, anti-aging, and skin care. A substance called choline in pine pollen treats fatty liver. In addition, the high content of antioxidant vitamins relieves the toxicity of active oxygen to prevent aging, is good for skin beauty, and is effective in treating acne.

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Matsutake powder relieves nervous headaches and is good for inflammation and colds. Matsutake powder mixed with honey not only prevents colds, but also relieves inflammation and relieves nerve-related headaches.

The flower before it blooms. Photographs by reporters from the Inn.

Pine flower powder enters the nose and bronchi in spring and is pointed out as the cause of allergic respiratory diseases. These days, many pine trees are planted in parks as well as apartments and houses as part of an environmental cleanup project in the city center. As a result, pine flower powder is deeply embedded in our lives. When it is time to bloom, it causes damage to the car and even the room with yellow color.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that pine pollen is very high among trees in terms of quantity, but it is rarely a cause of pollen allergy.

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