“The Importance of Hydration: How Dehydration Increases the Risk of Chronic Diseases and Death”

2023-04-28 14:27:04

While more than 50% of people do not consume the recommended amount of water, a study has found that dehydration increases the risk of death by up to 60%. In particular, it has been found that people who lack moisture in their bodies are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases due to accelerated aging.

Nikkei Good Day reported this by citing a paper by an American researcher recently published in ‘eBio Medicine’.

Although the amount of water in the body is balanced by controlling the amount of urine, the research team’s preliminary investigation showed that even if the serum sodium concentration is within the normal range of 135 to 146 millimoles per liter (mmol/l), the incidence of chronic diseases is high in people who are at the upper limit.

For chronic diseases, the incidence rates of heart failure, dementia, chronic lung disease, stroke, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension were investigated. In a 25-year follow-up study, chronic diseases increased steadily from around the age of 55 to 60, with hypertension increasing the fastest. In addition, biological age was calculated using factors related to blood pressure, kidney function, lung function, metabolism, and inflammation.

When divided into 4 groups according to serum sodium concentration, the risk of developing chronic diseases increased by 39% in the group with serum sodium concentration exceeding 142 mmol/l compared to the group without it. In addition, a serum sodium level greater than 144 mmol/l was associated with a 21% increased risk of death.

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The paper found that 2.5 liters of water intake per day is recommended, but in a global survey, more than 50% of people do not consume the recommended amount of water.

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