The Importance of Regular Exercise, Healthy Eating, and Good Lifestyle Habits for Optimal Health

2023-07-17 01:02:00

is mustexerciseregularly eat good food (and avoiding bad diet/smoking), getting enough sleep Making friends keeps your mind uplifted and checking your body regularly.

(In case you want to look good Chat GPT It is recommended to apply a moisturizer to the skin, preferably with Retinol, but also teaches that “true beauty comes from embracing yourself and living a fulfilling life”).

I noticed that exercise It is a recommendation that comes before other recommendations. And eating is not recommended to supplement But I’ll guess Many of us older people will weigh in on finding nutritious food. Including various supplements more than regular exercise

Almost all studies have concluded that havinghealthy and more longevity It must exercise more than the World Health Organization recommends 3-4 times if you can exercise every day, 1 hour a day without a day off, it will be most beneficial to health. (The current recommendation is to exercise only 150 minutes per week.)

In the book “Quality Aging” I wrote regarding Prof. Daniel Lieberman Specialist in Evolutionary Biology An evolutionary biologist at Harvard University concluded that

the human body It was built to be more effective than any other animal in endurance running. (But not fast), so we see people running Ultra Marathon races, sometimes running 150-200 kilometers long.

But in 2021, Prof. Lieberman wrote another book, “Exercised: Why something we never evolved to do is healthy and rewarding,” which concluded that How are we humans? would not want to exercise Although exercise is very beneficial to health.

This is because since humans lived on this planet for 5-6 million years, humans survive by hunting and seeking food day by day (hunter and gatherer) must exercise. Walking in search of food and hunting every day

By looking at the example of the Hadza people/tribe who still live a traditional life (as a hunter and gatherer) in Tanzania. They need to exercise regarding 12 times more than Americans. Importantly, the elderly still need to exercise consistently the amount that is less than the rest of the tribe.

But such exercise It is to move to do various activities. Because it is an important part of livelihood and survival. Modern technology that makes humans not have to “exert” as much as they used to be Hunter/gatherer that started only 10,000 years ago, is

farming (Ensuring sufficient food without daily foraging and frequent migrations.) But the evolution of the genes of modern humans (Homo Sapiens) took 200,000 years.

The point is human evolution at the gene level. Not able to adapt to modern technology We just had more than enough food. day and night a few decades ago while the human gene They are designed to work hard to find food that is sorely lacking.

means human instinct will not want to exercise (Because it’s a waste of energy for nothing.) Even though the body is built to work all day and can run longer distances than any other animal on earth.

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But if you run for a little longer the body will shedEndorphins out, which is a pain reliever (muscle) and makes you feel good. Similar to morphine, many people (including me, running over 3km) are motivated to jog regularly.

But what is worrisome for modern humans is more obvious trend Over half of the world’s developed population is overweight (regarding 1/3 are obese). In Thailand, we can clearly see today that

personoverweightThere is an ever increasing number of even young children. was noticeably fatter. causing Thai people to have a significantly higher risk that will become diabetic when old Followed by other diseases such as heart disease, kidney failure and even dementia.

Thailand’s latest statistics show that The average Thai consumes 26 teaspoons of sugar per day, more than 4 times the amount of sugar that should be consumed, which is 6 teaspoons according to World Health Organization standards. Why is that?

The human genes have evolved to live in a famine world, so the instinct is to find food that provides a lot of energy.sugarWe tend to feel palatable and happy because we release dopamine, which makes us “happier” than endorphin (which reduces pain).

Nowadays, more and more experts are confirming that Sugar is a powerful habit-forming drug. and want to add more Not inferior to cocaine, essentially having to consume more and more sugar just to achieve the same level of happiness.

Lifelong health care So it’s not easy. But there is no secret, that is, if you want to maintain your health, you mustexercise regularly Control your diet so your waist is not bigger than 0.45-0.50 of your height and get enough sleep every night. (Of course, no smoking and limited alcohol consumption.)

Let’s conclude that Many people are still unaware that there are numerous studies that confirm that that exercise It is very helpful in protecting brain health. and reduce the risk of dementia Because it stimulates the production of BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) and IGF (insulin growth factor), which are chemicals that stimulate cell growth in the brain.

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