The Incredible Story of How a Couple Became Millionaires Without Picking a Single Correct Number in EuroMillions

2024-01-16 09:35:00

the essentials A couple of casual players became millionaires after participating in an exceptional Euromillions draw. And yet, they hadn’t chosen a single correct number.

Here is a very beautiful story for a couple who dreamed of becoming rich one day by playing EuroMillions very occasionally, “once or twice a year”, specifies the Française des Jeux (FDJ). As a couple, they had been trying their luck for years without much conviction without ever stopping.

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This routine ended on December 5 during the draw for a prize pool of 240 million euros. A great opportunity to play. Which they did not hesitate to do by placing their series of 7 issues. But like the last times, they don’t hit the jackpot. And for good reason: “None of their numbers came out that evening,” explains the FDJ. But this time, one detail changed and their destiny was turned upside down. The couple became millionaires thanks to their MyMillion code.

The couple “often tightens their belts to go on vacation”

As stated The Cauchois Courier, they had a one in ten million chance of having the right code beyond the number of participants in this enormous draw. This winning ticket of one million euros was validated in Saint-Léonard (Seine-Maritime) by this couple from the Paris region. The two indicated that they had to “often tighten their belts to go on vacation”; now they will no longer ask themselves the same questions and are already “looking for the next destination”.

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