The inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see the parade of planets before sunrise

From April 20, the inhabitants of the Earth can watch a rare astronomical show. Four celestial bodies lined up on one side of the Sun. This is not only an amazing sight, but also new opportunities for gravitational maneuvers in space.

According to Galina Chikunova, a researcher at the Skoltech Space Weather Laboratory, an unusual phenomenon has been observed in the sky this year since mid-April.

“You can even observe the so-called parade of planets, when the celestial bodies seem to be lined up in a row, even with the naked eye. But the proximity of the planets is an illusion; in fact, their convergence does not occur. Planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are just at the same angle from the Sun, on the same line of our vision, ”the specialist explained on the air of the MIR 24 TV channel.

In addition to a striking spectacle, the alignment of the planets is also a unique phenomenon in terms of space launches. This arrangement of celestial bodies opens up new possibilities for gravitational maneuvers performed by aircraft.
According to the scientist, each parade of planets is unique and takes place every 20 years.

“The beauty of our universe and solar system is simply unimaginable. We can observe comets, meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, parades of planets, and all this is practically with the naked eye. It is important that we can calculate the time of these phenomena and get ready, go out into nature,” says Galina Chikunova.

You can see the parade of ascending planets before dawn. Together with him, you can observe spots on the Sun – now they are very large. Only you need to look through the protection, for example, through dark glass.


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