The Institute explained why it did not rent the Monumental to Talleres

The novel regarding the match between Talleres and Banfield had endless chapters in the last hours. In principle, the game of the eighth date of the Professional League was going to be played on Tuesday, March 21 at Kempes.

Then that match happened on Monday the 20th, but in the “T” they asked to play it earlier in order to have the four players summoned to different teams on the Fifa date.

From the Córdoba Sports Agency at first they were told that it was not going to be possible. And they explained to the albiazules directors that as a result of the recital that Joaquín Sabina will give this Saturday, they were not going to arrive on time.

That was why the president Andrés Fassi went out to quickly look for a stadium. And before speaking publicly regarding the possibility of taking the party to Santa Fe, he contacted the leaders of the Institute to try to rent the Monumental de Alta Córdoba.

“Yes, there was a call from Fassi. He asked us if we had the chance to rent him our stadium for the game with Banfield. But we don’t want to stop our works plan so we had to say no”, they told this newspaper from the leadership of La Gloria.

And from Talleres they ratified the same information: “Our president contacted Juan Manuel Cavagliatto to see this possibility. But there was no agreement. The good thing is that we are finally going to have the Kempes available this Sunday and so more members will be able to enter to watch the game. If we played in Alta Córdoba many people were going to be left out”.

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The truth is that finally the “T” managed to get the Córdoba Sports Agency to lend it the Kempes and the match with Banfield will be played on Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

Since Joaquín Sabina’s recital will take place on Saturday at the World Cup and the “T” will play there hours later, they will work once morest the clock to dismantle the stage and other structures.

Given the possibility that it will not arrive on time and the vision from the lower Gasparini stalls is difficult, the directive would contemplate the opening of the popular Artime for those who have this problem.

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