The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon Responds to Israeli Attacks: A Statement of Victory

2023-10-09 19:04:36

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon issued a statement in which it said: “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, ‘Permission has been given to those who fight because they have been wronged, and indeed God has power over their victory.’”

He continued, “After the martyrdom of three Mujahideen brothers this followingnoon as a result of the Israeli attacks on Lebanese towns and villages, groups of the Islamic Resistance, in an initial response, attacked the Pranit Barracks, which is the command center of the Galilee Division, and the Avivim Barracks, which is a clerical command center affiliated with the Western Brigade. By guided missiles and mortar shells, they were hit directly.” ‏

The statement concluded, “Victory comes only from God, the Mighty, the Mighty.”

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