The Madrid Government charges against the Prosecutor’s Office after spreading lies in defense of Ayuso’s boyfriend | Spain

The case of alleged tax fraud by Alberto González Amador, partner of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was resolved last February due to the recognition of two crimes by the accused: he stopped earning more than 350,000 euros between 2020 and 2021 and used false invoices to deduct expenses that he never made. González Amador increased his income sixfold between 2019 and 2020—from 350,000 euros to more than two million—as a result of intermediation contracts for the sale of masks during the pandemic. Regarding these benefits, he tried to pay much less taxes than he was entitled to and to do so he created false invoices and invented non-existent clients.

The PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has tried to turn this case of the serious tax crimes recognized by Alberto González Amador into a case of alleged revelation of secrets by the State Attorney General’s Office. This attempt was joined by the Madrid Bar Association and the Independent Professional Association of Prosecutors (APIF), which censured the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office for offering information about the tax fraud case of Díaz Ayuso’s partner.

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, the president’s chief of staff, was the one who leaked last Wednesday night, first to the newspaper The world and then to other media, the content of an email that the prosecutor in the case sent to Alberto González Amador’s lawyer offering him an agreement after having presented the complaint to the court. Ayuso’s main collaborator not only spread that email but also told journalists, and through his social networks, that this agreement was offered to the president’s boyfriend, but later the prosecutor in charge of the case received “orders from above to withdraw the agreement proposal… all dirty.”

The regional government thus denounced alleged maneuvers by the Prosecutor’s Office to harm González Amador, who by then had already recognized his serious tax crimes. The regional president had denied in a press conference that her partner had committed crimes, accused the powers of the State of a tax inspection that got out of hand against her partner, and revealed, she could not explain why, that the Treasury owed 600,000 euros to González. Amador.

Following this sequence of events, the Madrid Bar Association made a public note this Friday regarding what it considered to be an “extremely serious” event: “The disclosure by the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of specific data from some investigative proceedings, detailing dates and content of conversations and meetings, all of which produces a breach of the professional secrecy that protects communications from lawyers.” In the same note, the Bar Association recalled the duty of lawyers “to keep secret all communications and proposals related to the exercise of their profession.”

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The Progressive Union of Prosecutors defended the actions of the Prosecutor’s Office “in the exercise of its functions with absolute impartiality, issuing a press release to clarify inaccurate information.” The General Council of the Spanish Legal Profession published a note at the last minute in which it denounced “the dissemination of the content of communications, in this case emails, exchanged between the public prosecutor’s office and the defense of an investigated person.” The plenary session of the General Council understood that these events are a clear violation of confidentiality between the parties; He expressed his rejection, and asked for an investigation “to determine his responsibility and initiate criminal and disciplinary actions against whoever corresponds.” The petition did not specify whether only the note from the Prosecutor’s Office should be investigated or also the leak of an email by the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

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