The Manhattan prosecutor’s office that investigated the ‘Stormy Daniels case’ against Trump asks to delay the trial for a month | USA Elections

An unexpected turn of the script, or of the calendar, in the busy year that Donald Trump faces could give the Republican candidate for re-election in November a judicial respite, as his lawyers have tried hard to play the dilatory card in most of the proceedings against him. former president (four criminal cases and a couple of them civil). Less than two weeks before the Republican took the stand in New York, on March 25, to answer to 34 criminal charges for the case of Stormy Daniels (the payment of a bribe to a porn actress to buy her silence for an extramarital affair), the prosecutors who handled the case have proposed this Thursday a delay of up to 30 days, a surprising development in what is expected to be, if nothing else delays, the first criminal trial against a former president in US history.

The office of the Manhattan district attorney, Democrat Alvin Bragg, who charged Trump a year ago with 34 crimes for covering up a sex scandal during and after the 2016 presidential campaign – the bribery was intended to prevent a scandal so as not to harm his candidacy. -, explained that the delay would give the defense time to review a new batch of records, which it has recently received from federal prosecutors although it has been seeking them for a year. Federal prosecutors investigated dark money payments years ago, not only to Stormy Daniels but to two other women, who gave rise to the case.

The new evidence occupies tens of thousands of pages, which is why lawyers for Trump, the favorite candidate according to several polls, requested that the trial be delayed by 90 days. It is not the first time that the defense has opted for a delaying maneuver to buy time and delay the appearances in Trump’s dock as much as possible, but with the approval of the prosecutors now and their proposal to delay the start of the trial for a month, it seems that This time it will be more than likely that they will succeed. Curiously, the Manhattan case was until today the only one of the four criminal cases that had not suffered delays. Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination for the third time this week.

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In a document filed Thursday, lawyers for the Manhattan district attorney say they are prepared to begin the trial on March 25 as scheduled, but also that they are not opposed to a 30-day delay “out of an abundance of caution and to ensure that the defendant has sufficient time to review the new materials.”

The trial arising from another criminal charge against Trump in Washington for conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 elections, also initially scheduled for this month, has been delayed while the defendant appeals to the Supreme Court. There is another criminal case of electoral interference, for trying to reverse the electoral result in Georgia, but it has been complicated, to the satisfaction of her lawyers, by extrajudicial issues (the prosecutor’s affair with the special prosecutor that she hired for the case ).

The delay in case of Stormy Daniels It would fill the former president with enthusiasm, whose main strategy to face his multiple judicial fronts consists precisely of that, in delaying the processes as much as possible. If he were elected to a second term in November, the criminal cases against him would be paralyzed until he leaves office, although the one in Manhattan is statewide, unlike those in Georgia, Washington and Florida.

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