The marriage of the hawker brother has changed! The 16-year-old singer’s wife is divorced because of the scandal that angers his father-in-law. TVBS | LINE TODAY

2024-01-18 12:44:13

In mid-December last year, Baodao Hawker Brother (Yip Shengjun) confirmed that he had signed a divorce agreement with his singer wife Zhou Huishan (formerly Zhou Huishan), who was 16 years younger than him. The six-year marriage came to an end. Recently, the hawker brother went on “Is It OK to Be Single” to share the key to his decision to divorce Zhou Huishan. He frankly said that the two parties were separated in Taichung and Tainan for a long time, and their relationship gradually became estranged. At first, Zhou Huishan had a cold war with him over the electric appliances at home. She couldn’t hide her anger and said bluntly: “I can’t stand this kind of life anymore.” This made the peddler quite confused. Later I found out that not only her partner, but also her father-in-law had endured it for a long time.

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The hawker brother wanted to communicate many times, but it took many days for Zhou Huishan to speak up, expressing his dissatisfaction one after another. For example, he once revealed on the show that he was not liked by his father-in-law, and even revealed that Zhou Huishan’s love for buying high-quality goods was always the reason why he had buried marriage troubles. My father-in-law is unhappy. The hawker brother revealed that at the end of last year, he did not live broadcast or make announcements for 2 months. During that time, he actually went to Tainan to save his marriage.

I never expected that a divorce would break out over my family’s “Poke Poke Fun” toys. The hawker brother said that one day his father-in-law saw that three of the poke boxes at home had not been punctured, so he dug them out and asked his family to take the boxes away and throw them away, which made his family very hurt. Zhou Huishan heard her family crying. Stepping forward to show concern, this move aroused the anger of my father-in-law, and he expressed all his dissatisfaction at once. The hawker brother said: “Her father exploded and thought you were a married daughter. You brought an oil bottle when you came back, causing trouble for the family. It lasted for 2 or 3 years after you brought it back. My ex-wife pointed at me and said, ‘Bring it back to my family. Taipei, let’s get divorced and I’ll move out, so this family will be quiet.’” Zhou Huishan suddenly filed for divorce, which shocked the hawker brother.

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In fact, Zhou Huishan quit the entertainment industry after she met Brother Huishan. After giving birth, she was unable to sing high notes and stayed at home almost all the time. In order to help Zhou Huishan start a business, Brother Zhou Huishan recently spent 2 million yuan to develop health care products to help Zhou Huishan realize her music dream. Arasama Ryo and the Chairman’s Band were hired to help write the song, but Zhou Huishan started shooting as soon as she heard the song. She was dissatisfied that the salesman did not ask her opinion before making these arrangements. The accumulation of trivial matters in life made her decide to divorce.

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