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Shinoda Mariko is a member of the Japanese girl group AKB48 “God 7”. She married entrepreneur Mr. A in 2019 and gave birth to a daughter the next year. Recently, she was exposed to a cheating scandal, and Japanese media kicked her out for using an app to manage her menstrual period. Record the number of times of stealing, and a 120-minute audio file of the couple’s showdown. Regarding the series of scandals, yesterday (28th) she made her first public counterattack through IG, refusing the affair: “I did not cheat.”

Mariko Shinoda has recently been kicked out by a number of Japanese media for having an affair. Some insiders revealed that Mr. A has evidence that his wife cheated on the married president of a travel agency, Mr. X. In addition to using the iPad that his wife left in the living room to check her App, in addition to 2 The conversation record of Ren LINE, the most important of which is that she downloaded the app to record menstruation. The “love” symbol appeared in it, representing the days when she had intercourse with her husband, and on May 28 and May 30, there were more “injections”. ” symbol, it is suspected to be the time point of having sex with X male, and it is used as a distinction.

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▲ Mariko Shinoda posted a post. (Picture / Recap from Shinoda Mariko IG)

Coincidentally, during those two days, Shinoda Mariko went out late at night on the grounds of business and friends gathering, and didn’t come home until early in the morning, which caused her husband to speculate that it was a secret meeting with X men. In addition, “Weekly Xinchao” also received a recording file of her showdown with her husband. During the period, her husband was so angry that he called and confronted Mr. X. She and Mr. X denied everything, but after hanging up the phone, she immediately admitted her mistake in tears. , Ask her husband to forgive.

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During the period, Shinoda Mariko was emotional and rushed to the balcony and yelled, saying that if her husband refused to forgive, she would jump from the apartment. In the end, the man tried his best to stop her and contacted her family and agent. Finally, the woman Xiang Xiang apologized to all relatives and friends, and agreed that the child would be taken care of by her husband temporarily, but this agreement was soon broken. She applied to the court for custody of the child in July, and the two parties are still undergoing relevant mediation procedures.

▲ Mariko Shinoda was caught with ironclad evidence of derailment.  (Picture / recap from IG / Mariko Shinoda)

▲ Mariko Shinoda was cheated by many Japanese media, and her image was seriously damaged. (Picture / Recap from Shinoda Mariko IG)

Regarding the series of scandals that broke out one after another, Shinoda Mariko broke her silence for the first time yesterday (28th) and refuted the cheating rumors through her IG. I’m really sorry for the commotion caused by a private matter.” But she emphasized, “I tell everyone one thing clearly, that is, I did not cheat. In the future, even if I stand in court, I will still claim this.” She also said, I hope the outside world will stop disturbing her relatives, friends and staff.

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