The Monodiet: A Special One-Time Diet to Eliminate Toxins and Overcome Insomnia

2023-10-06 18:30:00

The monodiet simply consists of limiting yourself to a single food for a given time. The chosen food can be consumed as desired during the predefined period. This is a special, one-time diet used to eliminate toxins from the body.

According to Caroline Joutotte, psychotherapist and specialist in sleep disorders, author of Hidden Causes of Sleep Disorders and Insomnia (ed. Véronne), the monodiet would be a solution to overcome insomnia.

She is not the first expert to advise rethinking your diet to manage sleep disorders. However, she reminds that the monodiet should not last more than three days. As for certain nutritionists, when questioned about the monodiet, they recommend that it not exceed one day. At the risk of generating deficienciesor even frustration and food overflows.

The monodiet helps drain waste and metabolic residues

The monodiet can be practiced over a very short period after overeating to relieve the digestive system. It must involve the consumption of a healthy food, preferably organic, to be effective. We are obviously not going to do a monodiet while eating pastries! “It will also be better to choose a raw food. It will provide you with nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes and trace elements which you may have (…)


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