The most famous Egyptian guitarist loses the ability to speak

The famous Egyptian kula player, Abdullah Helmy, lost the ability to speak and play, following the repercussions of his injuryCancer throat.

The Egyptian composer, Ahmed Tariq Yahya, announced in a post on “Facebook” the details of the health condition of the musician, who was an essential part in the concerts of many singers, especially Mohamed MounirHe was one of the musicians of his band.

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On his Facebook account, Yahya described Helmy as “one of the best and most intelligent koula players in the Arab world.”

He went on to say: “Uncle Abdullah, may God put him to the test due to health conditions. He lost the grace of speaking and thus playing his instrument.”

As soon as the post was published, Abdullah Helmy received calls for recovery and the ability to return to continue his musical career, which spanned for many years, whether playing in concerts or as a soloist or presenting musical pieces in some dramas such as the series “Al-Prince” starring the actor Mohamed Ramadan.

The Egyptian musician had suffered from a cancerous tumor in the larynx some time ago and underwent two surgeries, but they were unsuccessful, and the doctors tried to save his voice through some medications, but none of the positive results.

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