The Mystery of the O1 Building Cellar in Provence 4 Residence: Uncovering the Source of the Nauseating Odor

2024-01-23 19:48:47

From the outside, not a shadow of a problem. The O1 building of the Provence 4 residence seems relatively recent, and the lick of paint on the facades four years ago has something to do with it. And yet… When you walk through the front door, a nauseating odor hits you in the gut. It comes from the cellar and invades the entrance hall and stairwell.

“I discovered the flooded cellar a year and a half ago, in May or June, when I wanted to collect the bikes, rewinds a tenant on the fourth and last floor. There was a big puddle of black water, like oil. And following that it got worse and worse.” Where can this come from ? The 10 tenants have been wondering regarding this for months.”Trouble breathing””We take this situation very seriously”,

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