The New Version of the National Army: A Similarity to Mainland and North Korean Goose Steps

2023-06-16 23:17:09

The new version of the national army is going forward and is pointed out by the outside world, which is very similar to the mainland or North Korean version. (China Times file photo, photo by Lin Yahui)

The Army Academy held its 99th anniversary celebration yesterday (16) and displayed a new goose step. However, from the media exposure of the previous training images to the current official display, it is accused of being very similar to the goose step of the mainland or North Korea. The possible reason is, It is caused by the “batch gun back-end gun” movement of the new goose step, which is very similar to the Chinese and Soviet goose steps.

Zhongshi live broadcast (the source of the video is Youtube, please forgive me if it is deleted)

This time, alumni and students were arranged to demonstrate the old-style and new-style goose steps at this Luguan celebration. Different from the old goose step with one hand holding the gun and swinging the other hand, the new goose step movement is: following the soldier chops the gun, he changes it to two-handed goose step, and Change moves as you go. However, soldiers from mainland China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba and other countries also have a similar action of splitting the back end of their guns when kicking the goose step. Therefore, the outside world thinks that the goose step of the national army is “very similar to that of the mainland and North Korea.” .

The national army splits the gun and shoots the back end of the gun. (Picture / Extracted from Zhongtian Live)
The rear-end gun action of the mainland armed police. (Photo/Xinhua News Agency)
Cuban army split gun back-end gun action. (Photo/Xinhua News Agency)
The North Korean army’s split gun back-end gun action. (Picture / Extracted from Zhongtian Live)

The goose step reappeared at the celebration of the Army Academy, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. They reported on “Zhongshi News” and left comments on YouTube live broadcast of “Zhongtian News”. The communist army is very similar, and their opinions include “what kind of goose step is this? Communist army style”, “this is really similar to the mainland military parade goose step, but the uniformity is really bad”, “I still like the old style goose step “, “Isn’t this the goose step of the Communist Army?”

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In response to external doubts, the Army Academy stated that it is stepping forward as a part of the basic training of the national army. The purpose is to train officers and soldiers to be familiar with military actions, to cultivate an army with strict military discipline, strong spirit, and firm will, so as to enhance the honor and solidarity of officers and soldiers, and to cultivate unity, cooperation, The spirit of unity of action lays the foundation for combat power. It is still in the trial stage. The criticism from the outside world will be included in the reference correction.

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