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The “Omicron” BA.2 strain is rapidly increasing.

Date 05 Mar 2022 time 18:03

Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan reveals that the Omicron BA.2 strain is rapidly spreading. But the intensity is less than Delta.

On March 5, 65, Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, head of the center specializing in virology Clinic, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message via Facebook stating the situation of the epidemic of Covid with interesting content as follows.

Covid 19 vaccine, Omicron strain BA.2 is spreading rapidly.

according to the rules of evolution A creature that reproduces quickly and is well adapted. will be selected by nature

In the past, it was clear that the strain of covid19 had changed all the time until it came to Omicron, which spreads quickly. and is always less virulent than the previous species. quickly spread all over the world and outnumbered all past species

Omicron species itself has evolved It is a subspecies BA.1 BA.2 …. The BA.2 strain is known to spread approximately 1.4 times faster than the BA.1 strain, but the severity of the disease has not changed. Therefore, most species are now found in Thailand BA.2 and will replace all soon. As shown in the figure, the center has always conducted studies.

If according to the laws of nature and appropriate selection so that humans and viruses can coexist The virus itself must be reduced in severity. Do not harm the local residents Humans or natives will have to adapt. in infection with immunity and reducing the symptoms of the disease as much as possible In order to live together forever, the omicron strain has a mortality rate for Thailand likely to be 0.1%, or one in a thousand. of those infected (including ATK)

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We hope so too. and must follow check the whole human immune system And the virus changes all the time. The genetics of this virus are now deciphered. Most of the viral stars that have come in the past and decrypting the whole virus in surveillance and study the behavior of the virus including studying the human immune system

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