The plan to strike Mexico with missiles .. Trump’s defense minister reveals dangerous details

The former US Secretary of Defense revealed Mark Esper Who held the position during the term of former President Donald Trump, in his new book, said that Trump proposed firing missiles at Mexico with the aim of destroying drug stores and factories run by gangs in the neighboring country.

The New York Times obtained an advance copy of Esper’s new book, “A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Defense Secretary During Extraordinary Times,” due out on Tuesday.

According to Esper, Trump raised the idea of ​​bombing factories anddrug stores At least twice in the summer of 2020, Trump told Esper that the United States should fire missiles into Mexico to destroy its “drug labs.”

According to the newspaper’s review of the memos, Trump told Esper, “They don’t control their country.” When the former defense secretary objected, Trump replied, “No one will know it’s us and we can just fire some Patriot missiles and quietly destroy drug factories.”

In his book, Esper said he initially assumed the former president was making a joke, but thought otherwise when he looked at it. ?

Esper served as Secretary of Defense from 2019 to November 2020, when Trump fired him after controversies over police brutality and racial justice protests that summer.

Trump threatened to deploy active-duty troops to address the protests, but Esper publicly opposed the proposal, angering Trump.

The 45th president worried Esper during his turbulent administration because Trump seemed disorganized and demanded loyalty at all costs from his cabinet.

The newspaper reported that Trump also appeared obsessed with his re-election campaign. Esper feared that Trump might use the military to seize the ballot box during the 2020 election, though Esper did not believe Trump should have been impeached under the 25th Amendment.

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