The planet Mars will disappear behind the Moon

Where to observe it?

This phenomenon should last an hour and a half in all. The majority of Canadians and Americans will be able to observe it. This event, which is called “occultation” occurs only once or twice a year somewhere on Earth. At the end of the year, we will be able to observe it on the morning of December 8 in universal time. That is to say that the observation schedule will be different depending on where you are located.

Source/photo credit: IOTA

Mars, closest to Earth

A few days before this event, the planet Mars will be closest to Earth. Some 81.4 million kilometers will separate us from it. It will be the perfect opportunity to observe it. Astrophysicist Eric Lagadec explains on Twitter:

“Mars, like Earth, revolves around the sun. Sometimes the three stars are aligned. If the sun is between the two planets, we have a conjunction, Mars is almost impossible to observe. If we have a Mars-Earth-Sun alignment, it is the opposition. March is near!”

To the naked eye, the planet will be brighter than usual. She will be in the constellation of Taurus.

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