Asu 2024 and Asu 2025: they propose a draft law that exempts the import of sporting goods from taxes

Asunción, IP Agency.- Representatives of the National Sports Secretariat held a meeting with members of the Sports Commission of the National Congress in order to work together on a draft law that exempts from taxes the importation of sports items, which will be used in the Latin American Special Olympics Games. 2024 and at the 2025 Junior Pan American Games, both events to be held in Asunción.

It was during the meeting that the director of Legal Advice of the SND, Silvia Patiño, participated; the president of the Senate Sports Commission, Juan Carlos “Nano” Galaverna and the general coordinator of the Games, Víctor Pecci, in addition to the support of the legal team of the various bodies involved.

The regulatory proposal has a temporary validity and is aimed exclusively at exonerating the collection of taxes that levy the nationalization of sports equipment to be used for the next games.

Tax exemptions in favor of national sports entities

The purpose of the draft law is to establish tax exemptions in favor of National Sports Entities recognized by the National Sports Secretariat, for the importation or nationalization of sports equipment that will be used within the framework of the holding of the next “IV Latin American Games of Special Olympics 2024” and the “II Junior Pan American Games 2025”.

Another of the objectives is to allow the port administrations (ANNP and DINAC) and the National Directorate of Tax Revenue (DNIT) to grant exemptions from their taxes, fees and tariffs in the introduction of these implements by the access points they administer.

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2024-04-27 07:49:49

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