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2023-05-03 14:46:21

Rome Italy).- He Pope Francisco has denounced during the general hearing this Wednesday that freedom “is threatened”, among other factors, by a “consumerism that anesthetizes”, due to the World Day of Press Freedom which is celebrated this Wednesday, May 3.

In addition, through his Twitter account, the Pope has indicated that freedom of the press is “an important indicator of the state of health of a country” and has vindicated the need for “free journalists” who help “not to forget many situations of suffering”.

“Dictatorships rush to restrict or suppress it (press freedom). We need free journalists to help us not to forget many situations of suffering”, she has written.

The Pope’s comment comes a few hours after the NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to present its annual report for World Press Freedom Day, which establishes a world ranking on journalism, and in which it warns of the “rise of the deception industry” and disinformation around the world and its tools, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and points to the intensification of the aggressiveness of power in many countries.

The document indicates that the conditions for practicing journalism are “adverse” in seven out of 10 countries and “satisfactory” in only three out of 10. Spain has fallen four places in that classification, going on to occupy position 36, although it loses only 1.34 points in the overall rating of the table.

Europe in “crisis” due to “worldliness”

On the other hand, the Pontiff confirmed during the general audience that “Europe is in crisis” due to the “dangerous persecution of worldliness.” Thus, he has warned that when the only thing that counts is thinking about yourself and doing what you like, “the roots drown.” “It is a problem that concerns the whole of Europe, where caring for others, feeling of community, the beauty of dreaming together and creating large families are in crisis, all of Europe is in crisis”, he added.

During his speech, he lamented the “consumerism that anesthetizes” today’s society whereby one is content with a little “material well-being and, forgetting the past, floats in a present tailored to the individual.” In this way, he has vindicated the importance of reflecting “on the importance of preserving the roots, because only by deepening the branches will they grow upwards and produce fruit” and has urged the faithful to ask themselves: “What are the most important roots of my life? Where am I rooted? Do I remember them, do I take care of them?

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The Pontiff has also referred to his recent trip to Hungary and has entrusted to the Virgin Mary “the martyred Ukraine”, urging to pray the rosary for peace in this month of May

In the same way, he has described Hungary as “a brave people, rich in memory”. “I have seen so many simple and hard-working people proudly guarding the link with their roots. And among these roots are above all the saints: saints who gave their lives for the people, saints who testified to the Gospel of love, saints who were lights in moments of darkness; so many saints of the past who today exhort us to overcome the risk of defeatism and the fear of tomorrow, remembering that Christ is our future”, he commented.

In this sense, he pointed out that the solid Christian roots of the Hungarian people were “put to the test” during the atheist persecution of the 20th century. “Christians were violently beaten, with bishops, priests, religious and lay people killed or deprived of their liberty.

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