the provincial Electoral Tribunal announced the criteria of the official scrutiny

2023-06-28 01:28:05

The Electoral Court of Justice of Córdoba announced this Tuesday the applicable procedure for the final scrutiny, provided by decree (signed this Tuesday) and in accordance with the provisions of art. 134 of Law 9,571).

There, it is explained that the final scrutiny will be carried out on the original “opening, closing and scrutiny” minutes, which were signed by the polling station authority and prosecutors present at each of the tables where the vote was carried out. choice.

The scrutiny will begin this Wednesday at 9, in Courts II and could last about 10 days (although it will depend on the rhythm of the count).

What the record says:

Validation table

At each validation table, and in the presence of Provincial Electoral Tribunal personnel and proxies and/or party prosecutors present (one per party and per scrutiny table), the original “Opening, Closing and Scrutiny Act” will be compared, signed by the authority of the polling station and prosecutors present, with whom the representatives of the different political groups accompany for the purposes of their approval.

If the record is validated, it will be sent to the loading center of the Judiciary for the results of the final scrutiny.

1. If such validation is not agreed upon, it will be sent to the incident desk.

2. In the event of not having the original minutes, the ballot box will be opened, in the presence of the representatives of the different political groups present.

Once the relevant original certificate has been obtained, it will continue according to point 1 or 1a.

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Incident Desk

At each incidence table and in the presence of the members of the Provincial Electoral Tribunal and the attorneys-in-fact and/or party prosecutors present (up to three per political party), the original “opening, closing and scrutiny act” will be analyzed, sent from the scrutiny tables (assumption 1 a) ) with which the representatives of the different political groups accompany for the purposes of their validation.

If the challenged act is not approved, the scrutiny of the relevant ballot box may be carried out in accordance with art. 138 of File SAC 11779560 – Page 1/2 cited law.

The note bears the signature of the electoral judge Marta Vidal, of the chamber members Leonardo González Zamar and Jorge Namur, and of the chamber’s legal secretary Ernesto Torre.

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