The Rise of Pirated Films on TikTok: A Game-Changer for Film Promotion and Audience Engagement

2023-10-16 18:48:59
The Chinese platform, known for its dance challenge videos and makeup tutorials, is now invaded by pirated films, series and documentaries, available either in full, or in the form of short sequences of a few minutes. This situation therefore provoked a mixed reaction among producers.

On the one hand, this proliferation of pirated content has been a source of inspiration for some, highlighting the creativity and reinvention of certain cinematic works. On the other hand, this trend has generated great concern among copyright holders, as it threatens their income.
Despite their fragmented format which can be impractical, these extracts from French and American comedies, as well as free television shows, are undeniably popular among users of the platform. The proof is the millions of views recorded under the hashtags #movieclips or #filmcomplete on TikTok, as well as the colossal number of subscribers to the accounts which offer these cut videos.

The craze for extracts from films and series cut into short segments is so remarkable that even producers and studios have turned to this format to promote their creations. This trend reflects a new marketing strategy where producers are capitalizing on the popularity of platforms such as TikTok to reach a wider and younger audience.

A telling example of this development came during “Mean Girl Day” on October 3, when Paramount used TikTok to stream its entire film “Mean Girls,” divided into 23 parts, during a day. This initiative helped generate considerable enthusiasm among TikTok users, while reinforcing the idea that this fragmented format has become an effective way to condition audience engagement and promote audiovisual content in innovative ways.

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If the idea of ​​spending several hours infinitely scrolling down your phone screen to watch a complete film may seem at first glance laborious, even unbearable, the undeniable success of this format can be explained by several key factors. First of all, the culture of content consumption has undergone a profound transformation. Social media users now appreciate short, dynamic content that fits their busy lifestyles. Secondly, the cut extracts fit perfectly into this dynamic by offering a quickly digestible visual experience.

Ultimately, this trend speaks to the entertainment industry adapting to the new dynamics of social media and the way audiences consume content, while also opening up new opportunities for film promotion.

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