The Road to Souls at the Bridge of Female Ghosts: A Thrilling Horror Game Experience by Daewoo Information

2023-10-09 08:49:01
Speaking of the Taiwanese team that has spent the most effort developing horror games in recent years, it is definitely Daewoo Information. Last year’s release of “The Road to Souls at the Bridge of Female Ghosts” was not only a hit, but the official announcement was made while the iron was hot that it would release a sequel “The Road to Souls at the Bridge of Female Ghosts”. “On the Bridge of Ghosts 2: The Road to the Release of Souls” is adapted from the movie sequel “Bridge of Ghosts 2: The House of Resentful Ghosts”. At Mandarin University, which is famous for its top ten campus horror legends, the Dai Ninja Hall, which has many ghost legends, is about to hold a “Horror Carnival” “Joint welcome activities, the story begins here. Players will try to find a way out and survive until the end through escape, puzzle solving, exploration and other gameplay methods. This trial version will release about 1 hour of game content. Players can operate 4 characters to explore the terrifying ghost building. The movie “Bridge of Female Ghosts 2: The House of Resentment” will also be officially released on October 13th. Players can play the trial version at home before watching the movie, which will definitely give them a more immersive experience! © SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT© Gamera Games
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