The Russians are discussing, the Armenians… – The latest situation in the post of Lachin

2023-04-27 06:20:00

Processes continue around the border-crossing point on Lachin road. Armenians write that discussions are going on, but there are no results and there will be no results.

>< reports that it is said that Alexander Lentsov, the new commander of the Russian peacekeepers, is currently negotiating with the Azerbaijani military.

“Hraparak” publication writes that neither the Armenian side nor the Armenians in Karabakh participate in the negotiations.

“According to our information, three representatives from Russia, including Lentsov, and two representatives from Azerbaijan are participating in the negotiations. According to some reports, Lentsov has arrived temporarily, and if the negotiations are successful, he will return to Russia. The Russian side wants to cancel the border crossing point and install only color scanner devices. However, the Azerbaijani side does not accept this,” the publication writes.

Armenian sources write that all these talks and statements made by Russia have no meaning.

“The flag of Azerbaijan is raised there, the poster “Caution, you are entering the territory of Azerbaijan” is hung. In fact, everything consists of the actual demarcation of Azerbaijan-Armenia borders. Baku quickly built a checkpoint on the Hekari River. Even if the Armenians in Karabakh don’t want to go through the post where the Azerbaijani flag hangs, where the Azerbaijani soldiers stand, they will be forced to do so,” writes “Hayeli”.


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