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Workingmen’s Savior|Sales delivers ten minutes to the store

Every day when I go out, whether I go to work or walk on the street, the most fear is that standing or walking for a long time will make my feet tired. To reduce the daily burden on your feet, a pair of comfortable and easy-to-wear sneakers can save you a lot of trouble. Various brands on the market have successively launched sneakers or running shoes with high comfort. The technology can disperse pressure and even provide resilience for the foot. I believe that readers who need to stand and walk for a long time to work deeply understand this truth, and the following sneakers are definitely suitable for you.

Asics Gel-Venture 8 ($590)
The Asics brand is best known for the GEL™ technology in the sole; developers believe that different areas of the foot are subjected to various forces during running, so Asics uses GEL™ technology and foam construction to enhance the wearer’s wear It can improve the comfort, improve the stability during running, and provide sufficient protection for the user’s feet.

The Asics Gel-Venture 8 is the latest addition to the Gel-Venture series, offering more comprehensive comfort, with fewer panels in the upper for a better fit, and a built-in Arthur Gum in the heel for improved cushioning With the GEL cushioning technology of the heel, it is especially suitable for users who need to stand for a long time or walk for a long time.

Although this pair of waterproof running shoes is specially designed for outdoor activities, the appearance reduces the sense of function, and uses a composite combination of mesh and suede. After the layering is improved, the whole pair of shoes feels more fashionable.

UltraBoost 22 ($1,499)
I believe that everyone is not too unfamiliar with the UltraBoost series of sneakers. When it was launched, it attracted the attention of the public with its simple appearance and the highly breathable Primeknit knitted upper. Its classic white Boost midsole makes the shoe lighter and more durable, and it can provide excellent cushioning and rebound effect, making this pair of shoes a pair of popular sneakers for running and running.

So far, it has been launched to the UltraBoost 22 series; without much change in appearance, Adidas has made adjustments in the midsole part. The resilience of the midsole of this generation is 4% higher than that of the previous generation. The upper is made of a new PRIMEKNIT+ material, which contains 50% recycled plastic, making the upper more elastic and more suitable for the feet when worn by the user. . In addition, in order to better fit women’s feet, the new design of the last has been widened, and memory foam is added to the inside of the heel to prevent feet from grinding.

6-Lead Hoka ($1,180)
The running shoes produced by Hoka have become very popular in recent years because of their high comfort and their thick soles for easy mixing and versatile shapes. The upper of the new HOKA Arahi 6 is made of woven mesh material, which improves breathability and facilitates perspiration; the midsole is made of CMEVA material to provide sufficient support for the soles of the feet.

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Compared with the popular Clifton series, Arahi 6 uses the J-shaped dynamic guiding outsole of the patented technology J-frame to bring stability to the whole pair of shoes, and the Durabrasion rubber outsole can provide a firm grip. The soles of the feet are more evenly stressed. The weight of Arahi 6 is only 269 grams, which is 11 grams lighter than the previous generation. Whether doing sports, long-term walking or standing, it will not put too much burden on the feet.

On Cloudstratus ($1,390)
The Swiss brand On is a running shoe brand jointly developed by the world-class Ironman player Olivier Bernhard and Swiss engineers, dedicated to bringing a revolutionary running experience to the world. The appearance of the whole pair of running shoes is obviously different from that of ordinary running. It is also designed with a breathable mesh upper, but the sole with a hollow structure is the biggest selling point of this brand.

The sole of the On running shoes uses CloudTec technology, and with the Helion foam midsole, it provides stability and sufficient support for the feet. Cloudstratus’ shock-absorbing soles are designed in a two-layer design, with the first layer bearing gravity first and the second layer providing rebound when the heel hits the ground. Although there is no soft slumping feeling, running or walking while wearing it reduces the burden on your feet due to the rebound provided by the sole; compared to other running, it feels like you can cover the same distance with less effort.

Brooks Dyad 11 ($1,099)

The interior of the shoe is designed with an Ultimate Sockliner, which keeps the ball of the foot in the correct position for a long time, providing reasonable support for the ankle and knee. The sole reacts to a rigid body, providing long-term support for people who stand for a long time. The bottom uses the brand’s exclusive BioMoGo DNA technology. It is made of high-viscosity, non-Newtonian fluid technology material that responds to the pressure on the foot, dissipating it and providing resilience. The shock absorption effect is 30% higher than that of general EVA materials. The more balanced the distribution of stress, the better the reduction in muscle fatigue. The Dyad 11 has an extra wide last for those with flat feet, wide feet, or those who require specialized orthotics.

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