the spirits of Tomás and the hierarchy of Dorlan

In fables and tales, in general, they put to compete the young lion with the old lionbut they rarely make them work as a team, as Nacional did in the game that beat Pereira 4-3 at the Atanasio Girardot stadium to win the Super League, with an aggregate score of 5-3.

After a forgettable first half, coach Paulo Autuori decided to send Tomás Ángel to the field, a footballer who for a few months has been criticized by one sector, but valued by another. However, he was clear that this was going to be his night. He entered the game when Pereira was leading 2-0 and turned the tide of the match with a double (60 ‘and 69).

With that energy that gives youth, he gave the team a new air and after balancing the loads, the old lion appeared, Dorlan Pabón, with all his experience and hierarchy to score the two remaining goals, one from a penalty (84′) and another with a tremendous kick from outside the area to make possible a victory that, after what was seen in the first half, seemed very distant.

“I couldn’t find playing and it was sad for me not being able to show the love I have for this shirt. Today I told my mom, my loved ones and colleagues: ‘today was going to be the night’. I told them that I was going to vindicate myself and that I was going to help win this title”, Tomás Ángel said excitedly at the end of the commitment on the Win Sports broadcast.

“I came in wanting to want to help and contribute. I get those two goals and the assist with Memín. A dream night that I will never forget. Every training session I try to improve as a winger and the truth is given to me on that side. The discipline, the work that I update today was reflected, ”added this new“ Green Angel ”, who wants to follow in the footsteps of his father Juan Pablo.

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For his part, Dorlan indicated that they touched their hearts in the dressing room because they did not do things well in the first half. “We touched each other, we said things to each other because we had to improve and we did so in the second half”, said the 35-year-old footballer of age, who won his fourth title with the club: League 2011, Copa Colombia 2021, League-2 of 2022 and the Super League 2023.

They infected other footballers who ended up being important like Jhon Duque, who has been recovering his level after coming out of a major injury. He was committed the penalty that Dorlan specified.

“Grateful to this group because they have fully supported me, in difficult moments due to injury, but now happy to have this title. I dedicate it to my son who is about to arrive, to the mother of my son, to my family that is always there. It was a complicated match, but we came back and we deserve this happiness, ”indicated the“ Engineer ”Duque as he tells him.

So, as happened in the match against Pereira at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, in tales and fables the old and young lions should work as a team


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