The Strategic Failure of the War in Ukraine: Analysis from the US Secretary of State

2023-06-03 05:58:00

The US Secretary of State says the war in Ukraine is a “strategic failure” for Russia

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The US Secretary of State sneered Anthony Blinken Of the capabilities of the Russian army, he said in a tweet: “The Kremlin has often claimed that it has the second most powerful army in the world. Many believed it. Today, many see that the Russian army is the second most powerful army in Ukraine.”

On Friday, Blinken considered the war in Ukraine a “strategic failure” for Russia, pointing to the unity of the West and Moscow’s losses.

“Putin’s aggression against Ukraine is a strategic failure, as it greatly reduced Russia’s military, economic and diplomatic power and influence for years to come,” Blinken said in a speech in Finland, which rushed to join NATO after the start of the Russian war on Ukraine.

“When looking at President Putin’s long-term strategic goals, there is no doubt that Russia today is much worse than it was before the massive invasion,” he said in a speech at Helsinki’s city hall, flanked by American flags. “Putin revealed weakness when he wanted to show strength. He stirred up unity when he wanted to divide,” he said.

Blinken made his speech hoping to convey a firm American stance, anticipating calls for a cease-fire or a peace deal after Ukrainian forces launch a counterattack.

“Given that we have no illusions about Putin’s aspirations, we believe that the condition for any meaningful diplomacy and any real peace is a stronger Ukraine, capable of deterring and defending against any future aggression,” Blinken said.

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“Investing in Ukraine’s strength does not come at the expense of diplomacy, but rather paves the way for it,” he added.

And he considered that any cease-fire that preserves Russia’s gains would be like an imaginary peace.

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