The twist in the story of Willem, the Dutchman who disappeared in Barranquilla

A Willem Kees Sas the earth did not swallow him. The Dutchman was disappeared by people who knew him in Barranquilla in the early hours of Saturday, August 28, 2021. He was taken from the house he had bought in the Lucero neighborhood in 2020, his hands tied with a sheet, he was wearing a white T-shirt and boxers of the same color, he was badly injured . They put him in his car, a gray Ford Fiesta, and took him away. Where? Nobody knows.

THE HERALD He first learned exclusive details of the case of the 49-year-old man, a native of the Netherlands, who was reported missing on August 27 of the previous year. The story of what happened to him ended up taking a drastic turn, because initially his relatives reported the event only unaware of his whereregardings; however, 13 months following that they began to find out what had happened to Guillermo, as he was known in Colombia.

“That was in March. They closed the block. The Military Gaula, the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office and Interpol were around here raiding that house.

This was reported by a source close to the investigation, who testified before the authorities, and who spoke with this medium regarding the last moments in which Willem was seen on 51st Street, in that sector of the southwest of the Atlantic capital. We will call this person Carlos* for security.

“Guillermo used to come to my house because he really liked gardens, he asked me for plants that I have outside. He spoke Spanish well, fluently. He told me that he came from Holland, that his name was Willem, but that they called him Guille. He took that little house, which by the way was very finished, and he invested in it, ”said the informant.

And it is that, according to what has already been said, the dream of Kees Sas That was it, settling in Barranquilla to invest in real estate.

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“Don Guille put everything in that house, a new roof, a new floor, he fixed the rooms, everything,” Carlos added, assuring that “before buying the house he sat down to drink beer in the corner and play dominoes . I saw him with a thin white boy, and then with a dark one, even that dark man was once painting the place (…) I approached him and asked him who was going to live there and he told me that he and the Dutchman ” , he pointed.

Willem had told Carlos regarding his investment in Lucero and the Conidec neighborhoodtelling him that he had acquired two buildings there, respectively, each with six apartments: “He told me, but I really didn’t know if it was true because I saw it was in his cart and when he was there in the house he didn’t even feel, well He was very calm.”

That of not making themselves felt made their neighbors come to know the bad news regarding two weeks later, when they saw a moving truck arrive at that address with a white facade, the same one from which the foreign couple descended, with other subjects and they began to mess around

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