the UN launches an urgent appeal for donations of 160 million dollars

Published on : 31/08/2022 – 07:58

After the devastating floods which have already killed more than 1,136 people, according to the latest official report, the Pakistani government launched, on Tuesday August 30, jointly with the United Nations, an urgent appeal for donations of 160 million dollars.

With our correspondent in Islamabad, Sonia Ghezali

Pakistan launched, Tuesday August 30, with the United Nations an urgent appeal for donations of 160 million dollars to finance an emergency plan for the next six months, initially intended to provide basic services (health, food , drinking water, shelter) to the 5.2 million most affected people.

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Pakistan is grateful to all countries that are reaching out to it in coping with the consequences of the deadly floods. If currently efforts are concentrated on emergency aid to disaster victims, it will then be necessary to rebuild in nearly a third of the country under water today. More than 33 million people were affected by these floods.

Economy in crisis

A considerable financial effort while the country is going through an economic crisis, recalls the Prime Minister, who estimated that at least 10 billion dollars would be necessary to repair the damage. “ These floods are the worst in Pakistan’s history, Shehbaz Sharif said. People are homeless, they need food, medicine, drinking water. And this catastrophic situation has led to a very gloomy economic situation. These floods have increased our burden. »

A third of Pakistan is under water. Sohbat Pur, in the province of Balochistan. © AP – Zahid Hussain

These rains destroyed or seriously damaged more than a million homes and devastated large swaths of agricultural land essential to the economy. “ I solemnly promise that every penny will be spent transparently. Every penny will go to those in need “, he added.

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Global warming

Pakistan is experiencing a monstrous monsoon after experiencing a drought preceded by historic heat waves in May.

Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman said Pakistan is paying a heavy price for producing less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. “ To those who suggest that this situation is the result of a failure in planning, I want to answer that yes, we will take responsibility as the country with the hottest cities in the world. But we have the largest number of glaciers after the polar regions. And they melt very quickly, she warned. This year, there is three times more water in the lakes, causing flooding. »

An alarming situation, which is likely to repeat itself in the coming years.

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