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The Serie “There is room in the background” It is not only news for what happens in its current season, but also for anecdotal events of its first appearance in 2009. In that year, a young Aaron Picasso9 years old, first appeared on television as ‘Jaimito Gonzales’, but after four years he was not considered for the ninth season.

Now that he is away from television, the young actor is boosting his social networks with content related to his former character in the series. In a recent interview for the YouTube channel “Without a Budget”, the actor recounted details of his time in “In the background there is a place”.

As expected, one of the questions was about his income when he was in “In the background there is room”. “How much did you earn in the series?” They asked him. And he replied: “I earned S/1500 in the first season.

Also, the actor said that this money was spent on treats and games. What he bought me were candies, I bought a Play Station, clothes… Save, compadre, because that will help you in the future”revealed.

As you remember, Aaron Picasso stopped playing the youngest of the Gonzales family in 2013. His departure was due to the simple fact that he grew up and his physique did not resemble the one that Jaimito would have to have at that time.

“When I entered ‘Al fondo hay lugar’ I was already almost 9 years old and Jaimito, the character, was 6; So, in the early years, you didn’t notice much of a difference. But when I was already 12 years old I had a growth spurt, so Jaimito, 9 years old, having a growth spurt was a bit strangecounted.


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