These famous stars refused to marry Ahmed Zaki, and the excuse of each one was stronger than the other.. The reason for Iman Al-Toukhi’s refusal will shock you!!

A lot of rumors spread about the artist Ahmed Zaki about the refusal of many art stars to marry him.

The late has always entertained us with his beautiful art and films that are immortalized to our time, so that most artists are still learning from his way of acting.

Here we will review the excuses of the following artists who actually refused to marry the late artist and form a family with him.

– Ahmed Zaki and Iman Al-Toukhi

And joined the list of these stars, the artist Iman Al-Toukhi, although he did not collect many works of art, some claimed that he proposed to marry her, trying to convince her of the idea of ​​marriage for a year and a half, but she refused because of her nervousness and severe depression that surrounded her.

– Ahmed Zaki and Raghda

The promotion of rumors about the star Ahmed Zaki and his relations with the stars of art did not end to this extent, and even reached the artist Raghda, but she quickly settled the matter in many of her television interviews, where she confirmed that he had already requested the association and marriage to her.

But she refused, despite their strong love for each other, noting that they were not suitable as a couple, and she also wanted to serve him during his illness without an official link, and so that it would not be said that she stood by him only because she is his wife.

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-Ahmed Zaki and Sherine Seif El-Nasr

Actress Sherine Seif El-Nasr, where some circulated that he proposed to her after the screening of the movie “Swag El Hanem” in 1994, in which she co-starred, but the story was not completed, and the reason was that she was still young.

Ahmed Zaki finally married the late retired artist Hala Fouad and they had their only son, the late Haitham Ahmed Zaki, who participated with his father and embodied his character Abdel Halim the young man in the movie “Halim”, but they separated before her death.

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