These NBA players who learned of their transfer in horrible conditions

In three days the trade deadline will sound its end gong and any negotiation will no longer be necessary in the NBA. The opportunity to remember some memories of transfers… and in particular the (awful) way in which the players just transferred learned it. Watch out, it’s quiet.

If between Saône and Rhône (at random) the transfers of PRM players are rather organized on the occasion of great summer drinking, in the NBA two very special periods are identified. The Free Agency, a big sausage fair which begins in July and which allows everyone to trade almost any player, then the trade deadline, this big February buzzer which puts an end to the winter market which started two months ago earlier. In the NBA business very often wins out over people, imagine one day having to choose between several million and “a guy you like”, and during these transfer periods some players have experienced moments that only the NBA can “offer”. The harsh reality of the market, judge for yourself:

DeMar DeRozan and his publicly known mental health issues? Left to himself in the Twingo. Vince Carter whose legendary status is not spared? Ben McLemore displayed by his followers? We walk on the head but nothing surprising in the end when we know the way in which the Great League works. We also remember DeMarcus Cousins, sent to New Orleans and who learns of it in the middle of an interview, in short, a great nonsense that mixes entertainment and a big lack of respect towards employees who also have a little beating heart.

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Does Thursday’s big night promise us new adventures? New stories to tell? Come on, let’s take bets: Jae Crowder will be traded in the middle of sauerkraut at stepmother’s.

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