They ask to include Venezuela in a coalition for the war against Ukraine

Russian presenter proposes to include Venezuela in an international coalition for the war against Ukraine
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Vladimir Solovyov, a presenter on Russian state television, proposed that the Kremlin form a international coalition that includes Venezuela to send volunteers to Ukraine and continue the war against that country. In February, Vladimir Putin ordered his invasion.

“I also consider it necessary that we form an international coalition. I don’t understand why the Americans, even if it is against Grenada that they are going to fight, always improvise an international coalition. Why do we deny ourselves that pleasure? said.

Solovyov said, according to a video broadcast on social networkswhat there are very well trained units in Syria by Russia and that they have people in Africa who support the Russian regime. The propagandist, in addition to pointing to Venezuela, mentioned that his loyal Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran and North Korea can also be part of that coalition.

If volunteers from all over the world are going to fight in the units of the DPR (the Donetsk People’s Republic), why not give them the opportunity to organize and create an international body? It dates back to the time of the war against fascism in Spain, when for the first time the international brigades confronted Nazi Germany that was fighting on Franco’s side. That practice has existed. I don’t understand why we should turn it down,” he said.

The presenter of Rossiya 1, who did not mention China, another Putin ally, questioned why the possibility of people taking up arms and taking part in the conflict has been rejected.

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