They wanted to “blow everything up” with nine bottles of gas from Montparnasse station, two homeless people arrested

The French, who shouted that he was going to blow himself up, was alcoholic at the time of the events, and he is of possibly fragile mental health, according to a police source. He is unknown to the police, while the other man is only known for offenses once morest the legislation on foreigners. Both men are homeless.

A search of their backpacks revealed no less than nine gas cylinders used in camping. But no firing system, says the daily.

The two men, Eric and Abdelwahed, were placed in police custody as part of an open procedure for “apology for terrorism”, facts then reclassified as repeated death threats. His custody was lifted in the evening and he was transferred to the psychiatric infirmary of the Prefecture of Police, said the public prosecutor.

The police forces accompanied by deminers carried out an inspection of the Montparnasse guard, on this day of travel for the New Year weekend. The railway network brigade was seized of the investigations.

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