This free application unlocks hidden features of your PC

2023-06-09 17:00:00

This free application unlocks hidden features of your PC. Wintoys is definitely a must-have on a Windows machine. Presentation.

Wintoys is an app you absolutely must have on your Windows PC, with its very useful daily tools. Whether it’s cleaning up junk files, restarting the graphics card driver, or fixing corrupt previews, Wintoys makes a host of hidden actions very easily accessible. And it’s free!

When you open Wintoys, the application shows you the most important information regarding your machine – processor, RAM, graphics card and Windows version -. It also tells you the number of apps installed, the percentages of CPU, GPU, and memory used, and the number of current processes.

Wintoys also allows you to delete apps and perform some basic cleaning operations to restore some freshness to your machine. To get started, click the Apps tab in the left panel to uninstall programs you don’t need, then go to the Services tab and scan all open processes. There is an “i” button next to each service offering a short description. The app also offers an “Unnecessary” view, to help you see non-essential services.

The Boost tab groups performance-related options. For example, Startup Apps allows you to stop apps that launch at startup. You also have a number of graphics and game settings to optimize your PC.

Finally, the Health tab, with the “Declutter” button, to delete unnecessary files.

Use Wintoys for repair and maintenance

The Wintoys Health tab offers many diagnostic options and the Repair function makes it easy to access common tools, such as the system file checker (SFC) or the check disk (CHKDSK), without going through the command prompt. You can also use the Updates option to configure how Windows downloads updates.

This tab also has two other useful options that allow you to restart the graphics driver and rebuild the icon cache on your PC. The former can help if you have artifacts on screen, the latter when previews don’t load properly.

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Find hidden parameters

Windows is full of hidden settings pages, whether to activate useful functions or to deactivate other rather annoying ones. Wintoys has a Tweaks tab that brings it all together a bit. Start with Privacy and Ads, to protect your personal data. Most of these functions share your data by default, you can disable almost everything in these two menus.

The Desktop menu allows you to hide desktop icons and adjust the quality of the wallpaper. You will also find the File Explorer menu useful for enabling options such as showing file extensions or showing hidden files. You can also change the default page for Windows Explorer – “Quick Access”, “This Pc” or “Downloads” -. Similarly, the System menu has many useful functions, including God Mode, which provides access to over 200 additional parameters.

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