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As can already be seen via the streaming portal Joyn+, * leaves Reality-Star Helena Fürst (48) the second episode of the program “The Big Celebrity Penance” at the request of the production:


“The big celebrity penance”: That’s why ProSieben throws Helena Fürst out of the show

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The big celebrity penance: Helena Fürst expresses herself

Fürst has since commented on the incident on Facebook. Especially since her “round of shame,” during which she confronted Olivia Jones about her TV gaffes, is no longer airing.

“The content of my round of shame was solely that I always tell the truth,” said Fürst, “I also vomited that day, so I didn’t look so fit anymore. In addition, the viewer saw only short excerpts of what happened immediately after being thrown out. “The end was, all the celebs probably walked out. I sat alone and was then asked to leave by a production worker.”


After the show: Helena Fürst calculates with “The Big Celebrity Penance” candidates!

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Fürst emphasizes on Facebook that she did not attack the other candidates for no reason. “The goal was slammed and you can see short excerpts of what happened then!”

The big celebrity penance: Helena Fürst appealed to ProSieben

After the first episode had been broadcast, Fürst asked ProSieben “that my ’round of shame’ and the reactions of the other celebrities to it” be cut back into the second episode.

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However, the broadcaster refused. “My intermediary was told today that I no longer look good there and that’s why they don’t show it. I choose this path now without further consultation, because it is obvious what is going on here!

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This is to protect her personally, according to the TV star, who feels pulled into the dirt again.

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The Great Celebrity Penance | Helena Fürst on her “round of shame”

“Why doesn’t ProSieben show how the great Olivia, who is so against bullies, confronts me with my ‘sins’?” said Fürst in another Facebook post, “because there was nothing bad! Instead, it is only shown how my fellow campers omit about me. It’s obvious what’s wrong here!” Her wish: “Then it’s better to take the whole second episode from the network right away to protect everyone involved, instead of sending it like this after a year’s time!”

Fürst himself draws conclusions: “I think I’m through with reality!” She states. In the future, she only wants to appear in live broadcasts to avoid being cast in the wrong light by the edit.

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