This is how Asala announced a new song, which she will collect with Asmaa Lmnawar

Singer Asala revealed the scenes of her new song, with the participation of singer Asmaa Lmnawar, through her personal account on Instagram.

And hung up authenticity On the video she posted, she said: “In every moment of recording and filming, there was joy, passion, and waiting for the moment we are in.”

She added, “A long time ago, I wished to sing a Moroccan song, and the time has come, and I also made it with a friend and a talented, classy sister who loves music like me and lives through it.”

And Asala continued: “I hope you love her as I loved her, and she makes you happy as she made me happy, and with her, with the gift of all my love and respect for my family and loved ones in beloved Morocco.”

The teaser promo for Asala’s new song

Asala published the teaser promo of her new song, with the participation of Moroccan singer Asmaa Lmnawar, expressing her great happiness with Moroccan singing.

The Moroccan duet, which Asala recorded with the artist, Asmaa Lamnawar, was produced by Rotana. She is also preparing a new duet with her friend, the artist, Ramy Sabry.

Asala lives in a state of artistic activity. At the end of last November, she performed an exceptional concert on “Asala Al Fann Night”, at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater, as part of the “Above Imagination” Riyadh Season concerts. Her song “Ghalban” achieved 7 million views on YouTube, days after its release. end of november

3 songs and a new programme

As part of the album “Shayfa Fik”, Asala released, on Wednesday, September 7, 3 new songs through the official channel of the Rotana Audio-Visual Company on the YouTube video site. “How is it, my love?”

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In her previous statements, Asala indicated that she had taken many decisions regarding her concerts recently, including presenting songs by other singers at each concert, whether they were contemporary or stars of authentic music.

In a separate context, Asala participates in the jury of the “Saudi Idol” program, which is shown starting today. The program’s jury includes: Ahlam, Majid Al Mohandes, Aseel Abu Bakr.

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