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2023-11-23 22:30:00

Shokubun From the “Stock Search” multi-functional chart ★ is a news stock whose stock price trend is particularly noteworthy today!
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Today, the focus on stock price trends is Fujiya. <2211> Shokubun and Shokubun form a business alliance in the frozen vending machine field. <9969> Care Net, whose market classification will be changed by TSE to TSE Prime on November 29th <2150> TransG will carry out share buybacks up to a maximum of 300,000 shares (100 million yen), which is 1.78% of the number of issued shares (excluding treasury shares). <2342> Such.

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★★Care Net <2150> [東証G]
The TSE will change its market classification to TSE Prime on November 29th.

★★Transgenic <2342> [東証G]
The company will buy back up to 300,000 shares (100 million yen), which is 1.78% of the number of issued shares (excluding treasury shares). The purchase period is from November 24th to March 22nd, 2024.

★★note <5243> [東証G]
Established subsidiary note AI creative and started business development efforts in the AI ​​field.

★★Minato Holdings <6862> [東証S]
Formed a capital and business alliance with Taiwan’s DediProg Technology, which develops and manufactures semiconductor device programmers.

★★Shokubun <9969> [東証S]
Fujiya <2211> Formed a business alliance with Frozen Vending Machines.

Hibino <2469> [東証S]
Acquired all shares of NGC, which develops video solutions using ICT, and made it a subsidiary.

Kobe products <3038> [東証P]
Sales in October increased by 13.5% compared to the same month last year, and operating income increased by 26.0%.

Sanyo Trading <3176> [東証P]
Developed a long-term business plan. The company aims for operating profit of 9 billion yen in the fiscal year ending September 2028 (actual profit in the fiscal year ending September 2023 was 6.74 billion yen).

Tea Gaia <3738> [東証P]
The number of IDs used for “movino star”, a comprehensive communication line management service for corporations, exceeds 1 million IDs.

needs well <3992> [東証P]
Participated in a system application maintenance and management project for a major energy company. Collaborative business with Sakura Information Systems is accelerating.

Tenda <4198> [東証S]
Acquired all shares of Leesa Consulting, which handles system development, and made it a subsidiary. The acquisition price is 640 million yen.

japan system technology <4323> [東証P]
Introduced shareholder benefit system. An original catalog gift (equivalent to 3,000 to 12,000 yen depending on the number of shares held and holding period) will be given to shareholders who own 300 or more shares as of the end of March every year. Additionally, we are offering special benefits to commemorate our 50th anniversary. As of the end of March 2024, shareholders holding 100 or more shares will be given a Quo Card worth 1,000 yen.

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Finatext Holdings <4419> [東証G]
The service-integrated “Travel Reservation Cancellation Insurance” has been adopted by NYANGO, which provides the region-specific reservation system “Chiipura.”

RaQualia drug discovery <4579> [東証G]
The indication for gastric acid secretion suppressant “tegoprazan” has expanded in China. Obtained manufacturing and sales approval as a treatment for duodenal ulcer.

Delta-Fly Pharma <4598> [東証G]
TSE will lift temporary measures on margin trading starting from the 24th. Japan Securities Bank has also lifted its measures to collect additional collateral.

monoAI technology <5240> [東証G]
We have entered into a collaborative partnership with MetaBuzz, which develops marketing solutions specializing in the Metaverse in South Korea.

Gidep Advance <5885> [東証S]
Started accepting orders for workstations with Windows 11 Pro WSL2 AI environment pre-installed.

metal real <6182> [東証G]
We have started a trial for proof-of-concept testing of “neurassist,” a customized version for businesses of subsidiary Rosetta’s generative AI platform “Metareal AI.”

Midac Holdings <6564> [東証P]
Signed a joint research agreement with Logomix. Developed technology to reduce environmental impact and costs at final disposal sites.

FP partner <7388> [東証P]
Agreed to acquire a large contract with a non-life insurance agency in Kitakyushu City. Approximately 11,800 contracts, including group contracts, will be taken over.

Daiwa Securities Living Investment Corporation <8986> [東証R]
This term’s ordinary income increased by 5%, setting a new record high for the second consecutive term.

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Welby <4438> [東証G]
TSE and Nippon Securities Bank will implement temporary measures regarding margin trading starting from the 24th.

*★ does not indicate the probability of increase or decrease. Excerpts from disclosure information, press releases, etc. announced after the market close on November 22nd.
[November 24, 2023]

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