This secret report that predicted “the disappearance” of civilian nuclear power

2023-04-17 17:14:00

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EXCLUSIVE. Classified as a “secret defense” in 2018, the report “d’Escatha-Collet-Billon”, which “Le Point” obtained, gave a precise timetable to Emmanuel Macron.

Par Geraldine Woessner

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She stammering response this winter stunned parliamentarians investigating “the reasons for France’s loss of energy sovereignty”. “Nobody ever told me … I don’t remember that this report reached me”, mumbled the former Minister of Ecology Nicolas Hulot, this February 28, when the deputies questioned him regarding an explosive report submitted. to the government in July 2018… and immediately buried. A fire which the press, at the time, had briefly echoed, without having been able to consult the document, classified as “secret defense” upon receipt.

To help it in its preparation of the future multiannual energy programming law (PPE), the government, alerted to the loss of skills in the nuclear sector, had in fact entrusted two experts from…

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