This way you have to deal with a liar..don’t rush

Follow-up – Suzanne Hassan

Lying is common among children due to fear of punishment, or among adolescents because they feel that their stories and desires are their own freedom and do not want to tell anyone about them, and adults lie in some cases for several reasons.

Lie detection signs:

Psychologists have deduced many signs that appear involuntarily from liars while telling the lie, all or some of them may be noticed.

1- The tone of the voice is too high or too low in a way that attracts attention.

2- Lying causes discomfort, and therefore the liar may stand still while lying.

3- Using complex words that a person does not usually use in his speech.

4- It can be seen that a person looks at a certain side while lying, usually the left side, but this varies according to the right or left-handed person.

5- The liar may try while lying to hide his mouth with his hands or close his eyes because of the intense tension caused by lying.

6- Continuous attempt to speak calmly, interspersed with frequent pauses in speaking.

7- He mentioned many unimportant details; To convince the listener that the story told by the liar is true.

8- Pointing fingers continuously at people or surrounding objects in an attempt to distract the listener.

Ways to confront a liar:

There are many ways to confront the liar, and the goal of this confrontation is to find out the reason for lying and to educate the liar and warn him so that he does not fall into this again, and the following are some of those methods according to the age of the liar and the reason for lying:

1- Confronting the lying child:

The reasons why children lie are different, so the first step is to find out the reason behind the child lying about him and deal with him accordingly, it may be fear of punishment, or to win many friends, and it may be to evade some small business, so the child must be given safety and close to him to find out the reason for lying and not anger at him or punish him with intimidation; Because this makes him invent new methods of lying, so the child must be given confidence to express his reasons frankly and without fear, and not to shout at him and call him a liar, in addition to talking to him in a childish manner that explains the harms and bad effects of lying.

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2- Confronting the lying teenager:

The main reason why teens lie is their feeling of privacy about all the details of their lives, so when trying to inquire about these aspects, they will start thinking about several unreal stories, and the solution in the meantime is to get close to them, clarify and understand their feelings and their right to keep their privacy, form friendship with them and certainly stay away from threatening and punishing them This will break down the barriers the teen has set up and he will start to speak the truth on his own.

3- Confronting the False Adult:

Lying in adults is one of the most difficult types of lying, and confronting it is somewhat sensitive, but it is important to choose the right time to speak and confront, as it is not in front of many people, and never to call that person a liar, in addition to gradual confrontation. By searching the web or making phone calls to verify the authenticity or falseness of the information, then talking to him individually with the presentation of evidence that proved that information is wrong, listening to his excuse and explanations, and clarifying the importance of trust in relationships between friends, spouses or brothers, and how it affects That lying negatively on that relationship.

In conclusion, if these methods of confronting the liar fail and continue to do so, then this means that he has a liar disease and then needs to consult a psychologist to deal with this situation in certain ways in psychological treatment, it is important to help the liar to get rid of him.

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