Thomas Gottschalk Farewell: Exclusive Insights and Surprises on ‘Wetten, dass..?’ Finale

2023-11-12 07:17:14

Plain text from Thomas Gottschalk! Before his “Wetten, dass…?” farewell, he remembers Roy Black. And a recent encounter with three shaved men.

Berlin – Farewell is getting closer! On November 25th, Thomas Gottschalk will moderate his last “Wetten,dass..?” show. Of course, the 73-year-old is an entertainer for life and won’t just disappear from the scene following that. Especially since he can’t live on his pension (which he revealed down to the cent) anyway. But the perfect pairing of possibly the greatest TV entertainment show ever with perhaps the greatest German TV presenter ever is a thing of the past.

Thomas Gottschalk had an amazing encounter with “three guys” in Berlin

In a long interview with Time-Editor-in-chief Giovanni di Lorenzo, Gottschalk now looks forward and back and always provides amazing insights. For example, when it comes to how Thomas Gottschalk will actually be viewed by the Germans in 2023. He still has a problem with many people: “Taxi drivers don’t want any money from me. I always say: ‘Are you crazy, here’s the money,'” says Gottschalk. Who also remembers a completely different encounter in Berlin. “Three guys came towards me who I would normally have crossed the street to – around 30, with shaved heads.” What happened there has probably stuck with him ever since: “One got down on his knees in front of me and said: ‘Gottschalk, you are my God!’ These are moments that move me because I know these people are sincere.”

Thomas Gottschalk says goodbye to “Wetten,dass..?” on November 25th © Hofer/Imago

Will these fans also ensure ratings on November 25th? Some surprises are to be expected at Gottschalk’s “Wetten, dass..?” farewell. It is already known that Michelle Hunziker will not be at his side as co-host. In addition, Gottschalk had recently chatted with Mike Krüger in the podcast “Die Supernasen” (RTL+): “I can humbly announce that I have Helene Fischer in ‘Wetten,dass..?’ will perform together with Shirin David. It’s a bit like the Stones with Lady Gaga, which unfortunately I don’t have.” Gottschalk also told his podcast friend Krüger (71) that world star Cher (77) would be joining him on “Wetten,dass..?”. The singer recently released a Christmas album.

When Krüger said that many German singers are currently teaming up with rappers because Udo Lindenberg and Apache 207 were so successful with their song “Komet”, Gottschalk also gave a spoiler that they probably went to Apache for “Wetten,dass..?” “It’s your turn”. The rapper doesn’t actually appear on television, but it’s hoped that he might make an exception.

Thomas Gottschalk: “For me, Roy Black was the classic enemy of the pop singer”

Im Timeinterview, Gottschalk also remembers two worlds that were similarly different and met decades ago: he and Roy Black. During his radio days, he was one of Gottschalk’s first interview partners. The pop legend, whose real name was Gerhard Höllerich and who died in 1991, was actually a rock’n’roller at heart, but he recorded tearjerkers.

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Unforgettable: Roy Black. © Galuschka/Imago

Gottschalk’s (“I was a rock ‘n’ roller”) relationship with him and his music was correspondingly ambivalent. But: Gottschalk heard the song “Somebody Loves You Too” when he was 16 when he “thought I was the only person who was overlooked by the entire female gender.” But the song was definitely a help to him “in dark hours”. “But I would never have admitted that. For me, Roy Black was the classic enemy of the pop singer. And this Roy Black sat in front of me with his upper lip trembling and said: ‘Yes, it’s me, just finish me off!’ He was really afraid of me. I later atone for my sins: at his mother’s request, I gave a speech at his funeral.” Many myths still surround Roy Black’s death today.

What happens following November 25th with “Wetten,dass..?”? According to previous information, the broadcaster wants to decide that following the broadcast. In 2021, ZDF relaunched the TV classic (which was available regularly from 1981 to 2014) as a one-off Saturday evening show with Gottschalk and Hunziker. After the success with a good 14 million viewers, two further editions were announced for 2022 and 2023. In 2022, more than 10 million watched the spectacle. When it came to Giulia Gwinn, Gottschalk had an unpleasant mishap. (lin with dpa)

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