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Original title: TVB “A Thousand Stars Awards Ceremony 2022” ended, Chen Shancong and Jiang Meiyi won the best actor and actress

Thousands of Brilliant Performing Arts Awards unexpectedly went to “Sister Zhen”

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin

On the evening of January 8, TVB’s “Thousands of Stars Awards Ceremony 2022” was held in Tseung Kwan O Radio and Television City, Hong Kong, and 22 awards were awarded. Among them, the best actor was won by Chen Shancong with “Golden Night Mansion 2”, the best actress went to Jiang Meiyi from “The Family on the Car”, and the best drama series was also won by “The Family on the Car”. That night, “The Family on the Car” became the big winner, winning a total of four awards including Best Drama Series, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Leaps of Progressive Female Artist.

In addition to several drama awards, another big surprise of the night was that TVB Assistant General Manager (Drama Production) Zeng Lizhen, known as “Sister Zhen”, became the winner of this year’s Wanqianhui Performing Arts Award. The “woman behind the Hong Kong drama” who is known for her sternness couldn’t help but choked with excitement when she learned that she had won the award.

Best Actor: Shan Cong won over Min Cong

The final five best actor winners of this year are: Chen Shancong (“Golden Night Mansion 2”), Lin Mincong (“The Family on the Car”), Ma Guoming (“White Strongman 2”), Chen Zhanpeng (“Super Messenger”), Zhou Jialuo (“His Royal Highness Ruffian”). Among them, Chen Shancong and Lin Mincong are two hot candidates: Chen Shancong will have six dramas broadcast in 2022, and he can be called a model worker; Lin Mincong is making his first TV series, playing the role of supermarket manager Che Zhiming in “The Family on the Car”. .

Evenly matched, TVB still chose to give the best actor to “Birth Boy” (TVB agent contract artist) Chen Shancong. Chen Shancong said emotionally when receiving the award: “In my life marathon, the most difficult thing is not to face my own failure, but how to stand up from failure and go to success.” When he got better, he was obsessed with falling in love with He Chaoyun, the daughter of the “gambling king”. For a time, he abandoned his work and his image plummeted to the bottom. After breaking up with He Chaoyun, he joined TVB again through a friend in the circle, and finally learned to work hard on the ground. Chen Shancong thanked Zeng Zhiwei in his award acceptance speech: “You were an award winner at the time, and now you are the general manager. Thank you, Dad! You asked me if I wanted to make a drama when I was most frustrated. I also want to thank Sister Zhen, Thank you, Ms. Le, I will always remember how you sent charcoal in a timely manner. Thank you to my good brother Ah Xi (Yip Zhenhui, producer of “Golden Night Mansion”), who boldly asked me to be the leading actor; and thank you to my other Bole Jazz (Wen Weihong). “

Best Actress: “The Family on the Car” Jiang Meiyi successfully “on the car”

The final five best actresses are: Bao Qijing (“The Family on the Car”), Chen Wei (“Return”), Chen Ying (“Your Highness Ruffian”), Jiang Meiyi (“The Family on the Car”), Li Shiwei (“The Family”) Jinxiao Mansion 2″). The two middle-aged actresses from ATV – Chen Wei and Jiang Meiyi can be described as evenly divided. Chen Wei held the tribute drama “Return”, while Jiang Meiyi performed well in the well-known drama “The Family on the Car”.

When the award presenters Miao Qiaowei and Huang Rihua announced that Jiang Meiyi had won the award, she was surprised. When delivering her award acceptance speech, she choked up and said: “I thought I was not a ‘biological daughter’ and would not win the award.” She also thanked the TVB information program “Looking Around” on stage: “This time they gave me Four tickets to the awards ceremony, last time I won the female supporting role, my parents were not able to come, I feel so sorry. This time they can watch me win the award on the spot!”

Jiang Meiyi switched from ATV to TVB in 2009, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress the following year. She was nominated for four consecutive years, and finally won the award in 2013 with “Up to the Sky 2”. After nearly ten years of waiting, Jiang Meiyi finally “upgraded” from supporting role to heroine.

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And “The Family on the Car” also became the big winner of this year’s awards ceremony, and finally won the “Best Drama Series” award. Lin Mincong, who regretted the loss of the best actor, spoke as a representative, and continued to play his unstoppable nature: “Congratulations to Shan Cong, personal glory is a trivial matter, and of course those who know how to do it will win the ultimate prize. Thank you my old friend, the general manager (Zeng Zhiwei). I have worked with him for so many years, and he has never treated me well. I waited for his conscience to find out. But after filming (“The Family on the Car”), I found that he even knew me better than me, Knowing what I can do and what I’m lacking, he will give me a push when the time comes.”

Thousands of Brilliant Performing Arts Awards: Zeng Lizhen was “deceived” by Zeng Zhiwei to appear on stage

The Wanqian Brilliant Performing Arts Award is similar to the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is awarded to highly respected actors almost every year. For example, the 2021 winner is David Jiang, and the 2018 winner is Xue Jiayan. This year, the Wan Qian Brilliant Performing Arts Award was awarded to Zeng Lizhen who has been working behind the scenes for many years, which is indeed unexpected.

That night, TVB general manager Zeng Zhiwei served as the award presenter of the Wanqian Brilliant Performing Arts Awards. He said in his opening remarks: “This person is very aggressive. Many artists are in awe when they see her. She has been in the industry for more than 50 years. She started as a DJ at the age of 18. After that, she joined a TV station and started as a PA (assistant director). As a producer, I have produced more than 10,000 episodes, so I have this arrogance.” After Zeng Lizhen won the award, all the actors of “Love·Homecoming Happy Express” surrounded Zeng Lizhen on the stage to accept the award. She was so excited that she burst into tears. “Question” Zeng Zhiwei: “Why did you lie to me?” It turned out that in the previous meeting, Zeng Zhiwei had been misleading Zeng Lizhen that the winner was another person, she did not expect that the winner was herself.

For many years, Zeng Lizhen has been in charge of drama production at TVB and has always held a high position. Every year at the awards ceremony, every actor and staff member who came to the stage to accept the award would always say “Thank you Sister Zhen” in their acceptance speech. This time it was Zeng Lizhen’s turn to win the award. She, who has always been behind the scenes, rarely expressed her heart in front of the stage: “Over the past 40 years, TVB has given me a good platform. Many of the people I have worked with have worked together for three or four years. I have been a colleague for ten years, and I often say that as long as we are united, TVB has no battles that we cannot win. My parents taught me since I was a child that you must have a righteous heart. I have been doing things with this mentality for decades. Lu Kuan, there will be many people to help you. I hope that the front and backstage of the company can work together to make every program work hard, so that the company can develop stronger, better and more influential.”

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