Threads now allows you to register multiple accounts and switch them quickly

2023-09-22 19:42:07

A Meta announced yesterday an update for the Threads, main competitor of X (formerly Twitter). Now, users will be able to easily switch between different accounts, eliminating the need to repeatedly log into the app.

In practice, everything happens in a similar way to the Instagram app: following signing in with a new account, simply tap and hold the profile button in the tab bar to access a new menu that allows you to quickly switch accounts.

The update aims to serve people who manage personal and professional accounts, as well as those who manage multiple work profiles. It is unclear, however, whether there is a limit to the number of accounts that can be added.

Since it launched, Threads has attracted more than 100 million users — although some initially left the platform due to a lack of resources. It was only a month following launch, for example, that its web version arrived.

More news “in the oven”

Soon, according to developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Threads users should receive a button to edit their posts following publication. According to him, the feature is being tested and may work within five minutes of posting.

This, therefore, might be a differentiator for Mark Zuckerberg’s new social network, which came to go head to head with X. On Elon Musk’s platform, for example, this feature is exclusive to premium subscribers.

O #Threads is working on the ability to edit posts within 5 minutes ????

According to Paluzzi, Threads will finally be able to allow users to delete their accounts without the need to also delete their Instagram profile. Since it was launched, you have to link your accounts to register, which has generated a lot of criticism.

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O #Threads is working on the ability to delete your profile ????
ℹ️ If you want to rejoin Threads with the same account as #Instagramyou will need to wait 120 days.

However, according to the developer, users who delete their profiles and want to return to Threads with the same account will need to wait 120 days. For now, Meta has not yet commented on future features — nor when (or if) they will actually be launched.

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